Tuesday, November 16, 2010


            I like to finish off things in one fell swoop. I’ll even go out of my way to make sure the task I’m working on finishes cleanly with no strings attached. As much as I try though, there is one chore of mine that proves to be impossible to do with, laundry. I have planned this out, even with paper in pencil, to find a way to have all my clothes finished, dried and done without it causing any problems or leaving any leftover.
Typically taking 3 loads, I do the first 2, and then take a shower. Leaving whatever I was wearing while doing laundry dirty. I thought that if did the first 2, start the third, take all my clothes off at the washer and run to the bathroom, I would be able to be done completely. This was met with truly judgmental expressions from those living with me and I was still left with my wet towel I’d use in the shower.  After this failed I decided to shower first, and then do the laundry. This quickly proved to be a bad idea since all I had clean to wear were these goofy clothes from when I was 10 while I washed my limited wardrobe, leaving me unable to do anything else all day.
Naked sprints from my bathroom after the shower to drop the towel off was next. This would have worked except for my wet feet causing me to slide and smack my head on the kitchens linoleum floor, still naked but now unconscious.
I finally gave up on trying to finish all my dirty clothes off at one time without leaving any in the hamper. I just throw whatever I have on before the shower in my hamper and wait till next week to wash that. Whenever I do this, I always spend 10 minutes rifling through my closet looking for those clothes and damning the whole world when I realize they were the ones I didn’t wash that week.

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